Give a booster shot annual employee giving campaign

Give a Booster Shot is a campaign that asks employees of the County of Santa Clara Health System to support the Valley Medical Center Foundation.   Your donation will help the VMC Foundation engage the broader community, respond to urgent needs from caregivers, purchase needed equipment and so much more.

To donate, click here to download the pledge form.

What is the Valley Medical Center Foundation?

The VMC Foundation is YOUR foundation. We are a non-profit charity that seeks donations from the community to support the mission and work of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and the Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System. Funds raised by the VMC Foundation support everything from buying new equipment to direct patient care.

What is the Give a Booster Shot Campaign?

Give a Booster Shot is an annual campaign that asks all SCVMC and County Health System staff to donate to the VMC Foundation. After all, as the saying goes, it costs a dime to raise a dollar. Your donation keeps the lights on at the VMC Foundation, and fuels the work we do all year, from organizing fundraisers, to writing grants, and more.

“Boosters” are employees that donate to the VMC Foundation. Most employees choose to give via payroll deduction of $8.00 or more per paycheck. You can also sign up for recurring monthly credit card donations, and of course, we gladly accept one-time gifts via credit card or check.

Why should I give to the VMC Foundation’s Give a Booster Shot campaign?

When you donate to the VMC Foundation, your dollars will benefit a cause you know well. And you will be able to see the impact first hand! The VMC Foundation is dedicated to preserving Valley Medical Center as one of America’s great county hospitals, and ensuring that our community has access to the highest level of care. We are your partner. Supporting the Foundation will help that partnership grow. The VMC Foundation staff works hard to raise millions of dollars from community donors each year. It sends an incredibly valuable message when we can say that VMC’s own employees, who already give their heart, soul, time, and talent to VMC, also choose to support us financially via the Booster Shot campaign. We all know what a special place VMC is, and your donations are a powerful testament to that.

How much should I give?

A gift in any amount is greatly appreciated. If you choose to give via payroll deduction, contributions must be at least $8.00 per paycheck. Monthly credit card donations must be at least $17.00 per month. Keep in mind, with each gift, the VMC Foundation grows stronger in our ability to give back to the health and hospital system’s deserving programs.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes.  The VMC Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization. All contributions are 100% tax deductible in accordance with federal law.

How can I find out more?

You are welcome to contact Debbie Burdsall at the VMC Foundation via phone or email at (408) 885-5206 or You can also call the VMC Foundation office at (408) 885-5299.  Visit us online at, and follow us on Facebook.

To donate, click here to download the pledge form.